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Srinagar, often called ''Heaven on Earth", is within the union state of Jammu$Kashmir, on the banks of the Jhelum River.

Srinagar is notable for its stationary houseboats and Shikaras on Dal Lake. With its tranquil Dal Lake and Nigeen lake, Srinagar is right for honeymoons and  family getaways.

Tourists utilise Shikaras to explore places just like the Floating vegetables Market and therefore the Mir Bahris, a thriving community of individuals who survive the lake.

There are various houseboats on the lake that provide a spectacular and unique stay experience. Nishar Bagh, Shalimar Bagh, and Chasm-E-Shahi garden

Asia's largest tulip garden is found here. Wazwan, or kashmire cuisine is well-known worldwide.

When visiting Srinagar, you need to try the normal foods, which are rich in peculiar fragrant spices.

Srinagar is additionally known for Kashmiri Shawls, kashmiri apples, and dried fruits at the Lal Chowk Market.

Heavy snowfall hampers Srinagar's connection throughout the winter months of december to february. racial curfews in some parts of the town, but things have improved in recent years.


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