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Spiti is delimited on the north by Ladakh, on the east by Sitsang, on the south by Kinnaur, and on the north by the Kullu natural depression.


This majestic Himachal Pradesh cold desert natural depression is replete with pine forests, inexperienced meadows, lovely monasteries, and haunted villages that may leave you inarticulate.

The barren mountains up here modify colors each second at Associate in Nursing altitude of around twelve,500 feet on top of water level, and it’s a sight to see

Popular Tourist Attractions
Spiti Valley


Pin Valley National Park

This park, situated within the Himalayas’ higher reaches, is home to vulnerable flora and fauna like snow leopards etc.

Buddhist Monasteries

Spiti is also a religious and cultural centre for Buddhists, which contributes to its popularity as a tourist destination.

Village Of Giu: Visit The Mummy

Giu village is between the cities of Sumdo and Tabo and can be reached via an 8-km climb off NH-22. it’s a shrine with a body that’s quite five hundred years previous


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