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North East


North East is usually called as the travellers paradise because of its natural beauty, scenic location, salubrious climate throughout the year, and the scope of a variety of adventure activities

It is blessed with a distinct cultural, ethenic and historical heritage. The panoramic views of the north east and welcoming smiles of its residents make it a region that every travellers must visit.


One of the most popular hill stations to visit in India is Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim.

Tsomgo lake

This lake is a must on every tourist itinerary and for a good reason- it's an overwhelming scenic beauty. Resting in between the alpine forest and snow-capped mountain.

Do Drul Chorten
Rumtek Monastry

Arguably the most popular stupa in Sikkim. Known for being a stunning white edifice with gold plated steeple atop, a prime religious and tourist attraction of Gangtok.

Tashi Viewpoint

Tashi viewpoint should be on your itinerary of Gangtok because you could witness mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets, changing colours of the mountain with the sunlight

Living Root

It is a nature's marvel which you can see when you visit Cherrapunji. The most popular one is the “Double-decker living root bridge” which is located 3 km from the village Tyrna

Nohkalikai Falls

It is the most breathtaking fall that one could see in India. Holding the record of being the highest waterfall in the country, It will gift you some of the most spectacular views

Guwahati, Assam

Next on the list of popular cities to visit in North-East India is the capital of Assam, Guwahati. This city is a growing tourist destination because of its picturesque location and rich heritage.

Kamakhya Temple

The biggest attraction of Guwahati is Kamakhya Temple. It is where goddess Kamakhya is worshipped. This temple is the oldest and the most important of the 51 Shakti Peeths.

Kaziranga National

Home to a vast number of one-horned rhinoceros, this national park is not only a popular tourist destination but is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Umananda Island

This small island located in between the Bheahmaputra will bring calmness to your senses and temple bells with the sound of water alongside will uplift your mood. 

Ujjyanta Palace

This palace will make your heart skip a beat by its beautiful gleaming white structure stretched out leisurely in the center of the city. Most popular tourist destination of Agartala.


Equally magnificent in its design and grand in its dimension is Neermahal that translates to water palace. Portraying the purity of water

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