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Ladakh may be a union territory in India's kashmir region. On October 31,2019, ladakh, which was previously a part of the state of Jammu$Kashmir, became a union territory.

Ladakh, which stretches from the Siachin Glacier to the most great Himalayas, could be a place unlike the other. Ladakh is that the world's coldest desert, with breath-taking views.

With beatiful Gompas, fluttering prayer flags, and whitewashed stupas, Ladakh may be a riot of complicated murals and red-robed monks.

Just in Ladakh has it been recorded that an individual can procure both sunstroke and frostbite while sitting within the sun along with his feet within the shade.

Ladakh's people are freindly and welcoming to visitors, with a culture that's just like Tibetan culture.

Some popular activities in Ladakh are rafting and high-altitude trekking. leh ladakh is merely accessible by vehicle during the summer months.

The trail passes approx from October to May, and therfore the only thanks to get there's by plane. The chadar trek on the ice Zanskar river takes place from January until the tip of February.

Leh and Kargil are the two districts that form up the state of Ladakh, The previous district is home to the well-known town of 'Leh


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