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About Kedarnath


The ancient name of the region is Kedar Khand, which means ''Lord of the Field''. The Kedarnath temple, set amid magnificent snowy mountains and valleys filled with lush 

The Skanda Purana, written in the 7th and 8th centuries AD, contains one of the first mentions to Kedarnath.

The Kedarnath Temple, one of India's sacred religious destinations, is located at height of 1200 feet atop a mountain named Kedar in the Rudra Himalaya Range.

Kedarnath is the Jyotirlinga that is nearest to Shiva;s true residence on Kailash Mountain.

From Haridwar, its around 150Km. This shrine is also a destination on the Hindu's famed Char Dham Yatra.

The temple is closed for 6 months throughout the winter due to brutally cold temperatures and snowfall and is only accessible from May to June.

Lord Shiva's idol is carried down to 'Ukhimath', where he is worshipped throughout the wintertime

During the Hindu month of Vaisakh, when the temple is accessioble to worshippers, the idol is reinstalled at the Kedarnath temple.

The trek to Kedarnath is quite challenging, and most tourists need walking sticks or mules or dolis to get there.

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