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A little town called Gokul, located near Mathura and Vrindavan is where Hindu God Krishna spent his infancy. As a result, Gokul continues to be an important Hindu pilgrimage site in India.

Lord Krishna is one of the most venerated Hindu deities, yet to the people of Gokul, he is still a mischievous child who runs around the town. Gokul, Uttar Pradesh’s  prominent religious attractions

Chaurasi Khamba (84 Pillars), popularly known as the house of Nand Maharaja, is the most well-known sight in Gokul Lord Krishna spent most of his early years in this residence.

Chaurasi Khamba

Rani Yashoda gave birth to goddess Yogmaya here, which Nand Maharaj substituted with Shri Krishna, Lord Vishnu’s avatar.


Shri Thakurani Ghat

The most well-known ghat in the Gokul is Thakurani Ghat, where Vallabhacharya (the founder of the Vallabhas) is said to have had the divine Darshan (view) of the river Yamuna.

Nand Bhawan

Lord Krishna’s childhood residence in Gokul, Shri Nand Bhawan, is where he spent time with Balram after his biological parents were kidnapped by King Kansa.

Raman Reti

 Raman Reti, also known as Raman Van, is one of these places, located east of Mathura. This Gokul attraction has a particular place in the hearts and imaginations of the inhabitants.

Brahmand Ghat

Brahmand Ghat is one such location, which is adjacent to Nand Bhawan and Raman Reti, two other prominent tourist destinations in Gokul. 

Gokulnathji Temple

The Gokulnathji Temple is one of Gokul’s most popular religious locations. With its massive shikhara, the temple stands out (central tower).

Dauji Maharaj Temple

Since 1535 AD, the temple has stood for almost 5000 years and is one of the city’s oldest temples. Lord Balarama, Lord Krishna’s elder brother, serves as the temple’s main deity.

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