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 is known to be the spiritual and cultural capital of the world and rightfully.


Carved beautifully out of rock and stones, these temples were built with such precision and expertise that modern day artisans must find a lesson or two to be learnt here.

Temples of

Konark Sun Temple,

This temple still holds cultural relevance in the 21st century. Whenever you are visiting Orissa, this is the one place that I will recommend you to visit

Jagatpita Brahma Mandir, Pushkar

A temple that ranks high on both ancientness and rarity is the Jagatpita Brahma Temple . the only temple in the world where lord Brahma is worshipped.

Kailasha Temple,

An ancient temple and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kailasha Temple is one of the best-treasured wonders in the trove of India. Built 1,200 years before,

Adi Kumbeswarar,
Temple, Tamil Nadu

An excellent contribution of the Chola Dynasty to India and a sacred location of the Hindus, Adi Kumbeswarar Temple is a religious hotspot of Tamil Nadu.

Tungnath Temple,

This temple in Uttarakhand is so ancient that the origin of the temple in itself is obscure.Bestowed with the title of being the highest Shiva temple of the world.

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