Spiti could be a heavenly entryway for those seeking solitude within the blissfulness of nature, tucked away in Associate in Nursing attractive blanket of terrestrial glory. Lahaul Spiti’s business enterprise attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year because of its fascinating beauty and pristine surroundings. Spiti is delimited on the north by Ladakh, on the east by Sitsang, on the south by Kinnaur, and on the north by the Kullu natural depression.

This majestic Himachal Pradesh cold desert natural depression is replete with pine forests, inexperienced meadows, lovely monasteries, and haunted villages that may leave you inarticulate. The barren mountains up here modify colors each second at Associate in Nursing altitude of around twelve,500 feet on top of water level, and it’s a sight to see. the little villages here within the shadow of large mountains have a population of thirty-five to two hundred individuals. This sparsely inhabited land could be a slice of heaven for all those that visit it. This sparsely inhabited land could be a slice of paradise for anyone wanting to flee the intoxicating town life.

spiti valley night sky
spiti valley night sky

Beautiful Buddhist monasteries, prayer flags flap within the air, and an outsized variety of monks praying with their prayer wheels are often found where you go. you’ll conjointly get an excellent read of Dhadkan and Chandratal Lakes from here. With their large altitude, awesome passes like Kunzum and Barchala Pass can take you even to the highest of the globe.

Visitors will continue a nature path here to envision rare vertebrate species and therefore the breathless great thing about nature. Hiking, rappelling, and tenting square measure among the adventuresome activities offered here. Step far away from your mundane life and mount to fancy some shutter shooting within the arms of nature at Spiti’s wonderland.

Spiti could be a cold desert natural depression, therefore it experiences extremely cold temperatures throughout the year. Summer, on the opposite hand, is definitely a lot of pleasant than the opposite seasons, with temperatures bit by bit rising to 0-15 degrees astronomer. Winters in Spiti square measure very chilling, and plenty of individuals avoid visiting this winter wonderland throughout now. Monsoon is additionally characterized by serious downfall and landslides, therefore individuals avoid visiting Spiti throughout this season.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Spiti Valley

Pin Valley National Park

This park, situated within the Himalayas’ higher reaches, is home to vulnerable flora and fauna like snow leopards, Siberian Capra ibex, chain of mountains snow cocks, Tibetan antelope, snow partridges, and others. there’s such a lot to try and do there, from loving nature’s beauty to recognizing life, that you simply can utterly lose track of your time.
Kaza is found within the Spiti vale of Himachal Pradesh.           
Entry is free.

Tip: The Pin vale park may be a widespread traveler destination, therefore set up earlier than time for your visit.

Spiti Valley Kaza
Pin Valley National Park


Buddhist Monasteries

Spiti is also a religious and cultural centre for Buddhists, which contributes to its popularity as a tourist destination. With so many Buddhist monasteries set up along the valley, you could spend time relaxing at any of them. Every sight would take your breath away, from the architecture of the monasteries to the ancient murals on the inside.
Timing: Most monasteries welcome visitors early in the morning and close by 5 or 6 p.m.
Spiti’s famous monasteries include Key Monastery, Kungri Monastery, Kardang Monastery, and others.
Tip: Visit the monastery in late July to witness masked dances, spinning prayer wheels, and ancient rituals during the annual three-day Chaam festival.

Spiti Valley Tours
Buddhist Monasteries


Village Of Giu: Visit The Mummy

Giu may be a little village set between the cities of Sumdo and Tabo and might be reached via an 8-kilometer climb off NH-22. it’s a shrine with a body that’s quite five hundred years previous, and visiting this mummy is one of all the foremost common things to try to do in Spiti. consistent with common legend, the mum is that of a meditating Lama, creating the expertise even a lot of mystery.
Timing– 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Entry Fees: There aren’t any admission fees for visiting this location.
Giu village is found in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh.
Tip: Visit the mum of Giu early in the morning to avoid crowds and rituals.

Spiti Valley Tourism
Village Of Giu Visit The Mummy


Stay At Zostel

While there are numerous hotels in Spiti, nothing beats the charm of Zostel. Whether it’s a family trip to the valley, a getaway with friends, or a solo trip, Zostel has the perfect accommodation options and experiences to fit right into any type of traveler’s budget, which is why staying there is something you can’t afford to miss.
Fees for admission: INR 599 per person for a dorm stay, INR 999 for two people in an outdoor tent, and INR 1,499 for two people in a private room.
Location: Kaza, Himachal Pradesh, Leo Village Rd
Tip: If you plan to stay at Zostel, book your room well in advance because they frequently run out of space.

Spiti Valley Hotels
Stay At Zostel


Yak Safari

Living and travelling like a local is the best way to experience Spiti. So, once you’ve finished trekking and want to try something new, go for a local ride, such as a yak safari. Almost all of the village families have at least one yak, making the ride even more accessible and a worthwhile experience in the valley.
The cost is INR 500.
Tip: Take pictures while you’re on the yak safari because it’s a memory you’ll want to cherish later.

Spiti Valley Tour
Yak Safari


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