Patiala is the most famous word in the state of Punjab because many people there wear dresses and call it the Patiala style. And this is also the name of a town where we can visit to see different kinds of tourist places. This is the reason for creating this article and the reason is to explore the places which can be included in the list of the places to visit in Patiala and which things make us feel full and happier there. Don’t worry because we are here to let you know the complete information about the places which we mark in our list of places to visit.

As this is one of the famous places for the educational institutions we can find the maximum of the people will be educated only from all the ages. We can get help from the guides there if we face any problems in this new place with the culture of the people there. Now let us create a list of places to visit in Patiala. By visiting the places from the list of the places to visit in Patiala. And here is the list of the places to visit in Patiala from India are:

  • Sheesh Mahal
  • Moti Bagh Palace
  • Baradari Gardens 
  • Bir Moti Bagh Wildlife Sanctuary 
  • Patiala Kali Mata Temple

Places to visit in Patiala

So now we have taken the five topmost places in Patiala and now let us discuss the places to visit in Patiala of India. The first place in our article of places to visit in Patiala is Sheesh Mahal. There are many articles that state the beautiful nature surrounded by the Mahal and know this is the news article that let us know something new about this place.

patiala places to visit
Sheesh Mahal Patiala

From the title of the place itself, we can know that this is a place which was built completely with the glasses so this is the special thing that we need to know about this place whenever we visit Patiala. Try to spend some time near the glass Mahal that is our sheesh Mahal Of Patiala.

The guides near the mall will explain to you the complete information about the Mahal that you want to know. Spend some of the time from your vacation in the Mahal and outside of the Mahal with friends and family. Try to have a camera with you people whenever you need this Mahal to click pictures that you can’t find anywhere on your trip.

And the next place from our article in the list of the places to visit in Patiala is Moti Bagh Palace. This is one of the most interesting historical places in Patiala many people will come here to see the old sceneries of the palace.

places to visit near patiala
Moti Bagh patiala

The attractive thing about this place is that whenever we visit this place we’ll find a different kind of architecture in each and every corner of the palace. The outside background also will be awesome near the palace when we compare it with other places so try to include this place in your list of the places to visit in Patiala whenever you have time for a vacation by planning with your friends and family.

Coming to the view of the 3rd place in our article is about Baradari gardens. This place is included in this list of the places to visit in Patiala because whenever we go for a long trip definitely will be tired so to have some relaxation and to get some peace to try to spend some of the time in the garden in the Patiala city.

places to visit in patiala
Baradari gardens Patiala

By fitting on the benches of the garden you can find many different kinds of trees and plants in the garden at each and every corner which are planted completely and the smell of the flowers in the garden fills the complete area of the place which will be the special thing about the place. Whenever you get relaxed in this garden then hello reach to the other new place of the Patiala and the place is Bir Moti Bag wildlife sanctuary.

This is the biggest sanctuary in Patiala town where there will be a big rush of tourists people in the area of the sanctuary. The function is the collection of rare animals that we cannot find anywhere in India so many people come here to see different kinds of animals and take some pictures of them to make an album of the rare pictures in their life. Try to complete the watching of each and every animal in the sanctuary I know some information about them whenever you visit this place.

And the last place in our article is about Patiala Kali Mata temple. The old culture of the Patiala will believe in the kali matha of Patiala so there will be heavy tourism near this place. They worship a lot for this god so Don’t miss this place in your list of the places to visit in Patiala.

kali mata mandir patiala
kali mata mandir patiala

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