Orissa, India’s tranquil and serene east coast, is a must-see for those interested in seeing the components that make the country unique. Odisha, bordering on the east of the Bay of Bengal, is a lesser-known beach destination worth visiting. Odisha is a tourist destination with a plethora of Hindu temples and, unexpectedly, Buddhist sanctuaries that transport you back to the time of Ashoka the Great. One of the numerous reasons to fall in love with this eastern state is its architecture, but wait till you see Lord Jagannath’s massive chariot, Sudarshan Patnaik’s expressive sand art, the rich tribal culture, and the bizarre scenery.

True, no single word can completely express the beauty and experience of Orissa. Orissa, the cultural zone that marks India’s peninsula’s eastern border, is a tourist destination that completes the picture. The colorful components that make up the canvas of this eastern state, which is home to one of the four major Hindu pilgrimages, fulfill a traveler’s interest. The state’s beautiful architecture, both in terms of temples and residences, will make you feel even more welcome. The world-famous Sun Temple in Konark is a must-see for anybody visiting Odisha.

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The Bay of Bengal surrounds this east Indian treasure, which has a lengthy coastline with some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The lovely Chandrabhaga Beach, Asia’s first blue flag beach, should not be missed on your Orissa vacation itinerary. This eco-friendly beach is just one of the strange sights you’ll witness on your Odisha tour. It has a reputation for curing lepers.

If you enjoy the outdoors and bird watching, the famed Chilika Lake, which is also the world’s second-largest coastal lagoon, has a lot to offer.

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Yes, the lake is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the rush and bustle of city life. A variety of stunning rivers and waterfalls may be found in Odisha. Daringibadi, the state’s hill station, is ideal for a family holiday or a romantic escape in the midst of nature. You’ve come to the correct location if you’re seeking for an exciting experience in Odisha. The state, on the other hand, offers a number of national parks and wildlife refuges where you may witness a wide range of flora and fauna.

Odisha is also a must-see for art enthusiasts and everyone interested in culture and customs. The state may leave one spoilt for choice, from shopping for Odishan Ikat to experiencing scrumptious Odisha food, and from witnessing the rich culture of the state’s numerous tribes to the unique dance style of Odissi.

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Puri in Orissa is one of the four must-see Hindu pilgrimage sites because of the Jagannath Temple, which is part of India’s Char Dham. Puri is a beachfront city on the coast of the Bay of Bengal that is popular with West Bengal inhabitants for a weekend getaway.

Puri, which became popular with hippies after the legalization of bhang in the 1970s, is still a favorite backpacker destination, albeit bhang availability is now limited. Local tourists prefer to stay along New Marine Drive due to the abundance of hotels and homestays, while backpackers prefer to stay around Chakra Tirtha. If you travel at this time, make sure to attend the Rath Yatra (chariot festival), which takes place in June and July.


Puri’s illustrious history and tradition stretch back to the 3rd century B.C., and it is known as Lord Shiva’s final resting place. Puri, Konark, and Bhubaneshwar make comprise Orissa’s Golden Triangle, and its religious and cultural significance make them popular tourist destinations. The Chilika Lake, Puri Beach, Gundicha Ghar, and Konark’s renowned Sun Temple are just a few of the sights worth seeing near Puri. Puri is quickly establishing itself as an industrial powerhouse, with major manufacturing firms relocating to the city.

  • Time required to visit the site- 1 to 2 days
  • Best time to visit the site- is July to March


India’s temple city, Bhubaneswar, is today a booming commercial and business center. Originally, it was noted for its architecture and large temples.

Bhubaneshwar is a historic city with a number of exquisite medieval temples that draw pilgrims and tourists from all across India. The city’s name literally means “Lord of the Universe,” which is reflected in the city’s temples and citizens’ religious devotion. This is today a vibrant metropolis with a well-balanced mix of history and the modern and dynamic present. Bhubaneshwar, India’s religious tourist capital, is home to a number of exquisite temples that have survived the years. Visitors come from all across the country to view the Lingaraj temple and the Parasurameswara temple, for example.

  • Time required to visit the site- 1 to 2 days 
  • Best time to visit the site-  October to March


Konark, in the Indian state of Orissa, is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Site Sun Temple, as well as its yearly dance festival and beautiful sandy beaches.

The Sun Temple at Konark is a masterpiece of architecture and one of India’s most beautiful monuments. The Annual Dance Festival is a five-day cultural extravaganza that brings together outstanding dance talent from all around the country.


This event is a lovely celebration of our country’s rich cultural and artistic legacy, allowing us to appreciate the many different dance forms that our country has produced. The Sun Temple serves as a background for the rituals, which adds to the event’s overall majesty and beauty.

Aside from that, Konark hosts the Sun Festival, during which worshippers immerse themselves in the sea to pay homage to the Sun God. A Handicrafts Mela is also part of the Dance Festival, where guests can buy one-of-a-kind and finely handcrafted products.

  • Time required to visit the site- 1 day 
  • Best time to visit the site- September to March


Cuttack, Orissa’s cultural capital, is a bustling commercial hub with a slew of top-notch tourist attractions.

Cuttack, Orissa’s second-largest city and former capital, is the state’s second-largest metropolis. The state’s local handicrafts are displayed and traded in this city. Cuttack is usually bustling with cultural events, like the Baliyatra, which commemorates old trade links between Java, Bali, and Sumatra, Durga Puja, and the Kite Festival, which takes place in January.


Cuttack is also known as the “Silver City” because of its well-known silver handicraft. SurCuttack is a well-planned city with a diverse range of tourist attractions that will ensure that a visitor’s visit is one to remember.

  • Time required to visit the site- 1 day
  • Best time to visit the site- July to March


Baripada, which is 248 kilometers from Kolkata and 256 kilometers from Bhubaneshwar, is a city noted for its exquisite culture and an aura of purity in nature. Because its Rath Yatra is the largest and oldest after Puri, Baripada is also known as Dwitiya Srikhetra (Second Puri)


It hosts the world-famous Rathyatra (Car Festival), which attracts enormous people by allowing only women to draw Maa Subhadra’s Rath. There are also temples here that are among Orissa’s oldest and elicit strong feelings of faith and devotion from tourists.

In the middle of April, an event honoring the top abilities of Chhau, a world-renowned dance form native to the region, is held here. In Baripada, the Bangripori “tusser” cloth is also well-known and can be seen in local markets all around the city. Simlipal Nature Park is definitely worth a visit, with a tiger reserve, glittering waterfalls, a diverse array of animals and birds, as well as Semul, or red silk cotton.

  • Time required to visit the site- 1 day
  • Best time to visit the site- October to May

Best Hotels in Orissa

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  • Vivanta Bhubaneswar, DN Square 
  • MAYFAIR Palm Beach Resort 
  • The Presidency Hotel in Bhubaneswar 
  • Hotel Crystal Crown

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At any time of year, Orissa is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit.

Odisha is a cultural melting pot! Whether you're looking for Honeymoon, Adventure, Leisure, Beach, Hill Stations, Wild Parks, or Water Destinations, Odisha has it all.

 Travelers and tourists in Odisha have a wide range of activities to choose from. Water Sports activities, Wildlife Safaris, Trekking, Beach activities, Tribal Village Tours, Cultural Tours, Hiking, Beach Festivals, Religious Tours, Romantic Tours, and so on are just a few examples.

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