The Maharashtrian district of Raigad is not only blessed with the city of Karjat but also with a hill station known as Matheran. Known for its mild climate, one can also find the most striking feature of this place which is its well-preserved colonial architecture. The must-do thing if you ever visit Matheran is to visit Panorama Point which offers you an extensive view across the mountains of the Western Ghats.

Apart from Panorama Point, there are 40 different points, two lakes, two parks, and four major worship places along with a race course. Matheran is also one of the smallest hill stations in India. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India has had Matheran declared an eco-sensitive region, and hence motor vehicles have been banned here.

How to get here:

Since motor vehicles are banned in Matheran if you were to reach this place you would have to get on a toy train. Tourists arrive here via a narrow-gauge railway on the 1907 Neral – Matheran Toy Train. Firstly, get on a train to Neral from Pune or Mumbai, there are trains that travel regularly to Neral. Secondly, after reaching Neral, you have to take the Toy Train and there you are standing in Matheran. You can take bus services to Matheran from anywhere in the state of Maharashtra but the downside is that you will have to walk a lot because the bus will drop you someone or two miles away from Matheran.

Things to do:

In Matheran, there are lots of breathtaking places you need to visit. Dodhani Waterfalls, Chanderi Caves, Charlotte Lake, Louisa Point, and Panorama Point are some of the well-known places you should visit while in Matheran. 

Dodhani Waterfalls in Matheran
The Dodhani Waterfalls in Matheran

By far one of the most beautiful things in Matheran is the Dodhani Waterfalls. If you are a thrill seeker or an adventure lover then you must also do the waterfall rappelling at the Dodhani Waterfalls. This is an experience of a lifetime that you must not forget to try when on a trip to Matheran.

Chanderi Caves
The Chanderi Fort is located at the Chanderi Caves

The Chanderi Caves is a grand mountain surrounded by lush greenery. The most popular activity in this place is trekking. And according to tourists, as one trek through the winding trails, you’ll witness the most beautiful of views.

The Charlotte Lake
The Charlotte Lake

Located just 2 kilometers away from the Matheran Railway Station, Charlotte Lake is an attractive tourist destination in Matheran. The best time to visit and embrace the true beauty of this place is during monsoon when the 50 – foot deep lake is at its most glamorous best. And if you love birds then visit this place any day in the morning or evening to see some of the most beautiful birds.

Panorama Point
View from the Panorama Point in Matheran

The Panorama Point offers a 360-degree view of the mountain ranges and the valley. To get to Panorama Point you have to start trekking from Dasturi Naka and after half an hour of moderate trekking, you’ll reach the top of Panorama Point.

Nearby Places:

Being located in Maharashtra, there are a lot of places to visit nearby, like Lonavala, Khandala, Malshej Ghat, Igatpur, and Nashik, to name a few. 

lonavala places to visit
Mountain viewpoint for Lonavala

We all have heard of Lonavala, a place worthy of a visit once in a lifetime. Once you get to see this place you will understand why people refer it to be the most beautiful place in India.

A view of epic beauty from Khandala
A view of epic beauty from Khandala

Khandala is located at the foothills of Sahyadri foothills. This place gives you the perfect capturing images of the beautiful valleys, lush green hills, lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls.

A part of Malshej Ghat
A part of Malshej Ghat

The Malshej Ghat is a breathtaking mountain pass located in Maharashtra, falling on the Thane – Ahamad Nagar Road. The misty weather adds a magical effect to the whole experience.

The lush green beauty at Igatpur
The lush green beauty at Igatpur

Located on the lush green Western Ghat, Igatpur is one of the most bewitching place in India. There are a lot of things that you can do here, some of the most famous activities are trekking and exploration of the wildlife sanctuary.

One of the many temples is located in the town of Nashik

Nashik is one of the most beautiful places in Maharashtra. It is a well-known tourist destination for Indians. It is a holy city and people mostly visit this place to visit the different temples located here and also to see the breathtaking River Godavari. 

Places to Stay:

Based on surveys and ratings and reviews the best and affordable places to stay while in Matheran are:- 

  • Radha Cottage Heritage Resort — 11,760. ( per night ) 
  • SaffronStays Parsi Manor — 10,195. ( per night ) 
  • The Byke Heritage Resort Matheran — 8,622. ( per night ) 
  • Woodlands Hotel — 5,624. ( per night ) 
  • Rangoli Retreat — 4,265 . ( per night ) 

The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon season when the beauty of this state as a whole is increased by ten times. Trekking through the different hills and reaching the viewpoints during monsoons is really a beautiful experience.

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