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Manipur is a beautiful area in northeast India, perched on the slopes of the south-flowing sub-Himalayan hills, where mother nature is unusually bountiful in her bounty. Misty peaks, dazzling lakes, lush green valleys, rushing rivers, and deep woods are all part of the state’s magnificent beauty. Manipur is also noted for its rich art and culture, as indicated by its gorgeous handicrafts and sophisticated art forms, as well as its magnificent classical dance tradition.

Manipur, although being a lesser-known state, promises to be one of India’s top tourist attractions, with its turquoise lakes and undulating hills, bringing endless fun and enjoyment. Because of its beauty, tranquility, and happy simplicity, as well as its moderate climate, Manipur is a must-see location in Northeast India.

Manipur is a bilingual state with classical dancing, wonderful delicacies, and a traditional atmosphere that envelops you like a sacred shrine’s blazing incense stick. From the natural grandeur of waterfalls to lakes and streams to evergreen forests, the state has produced a scene that tourists can’t get enough of. Because of its great diversity, the state has thrived, making it one of India’s must-see tourist destinations. Tourists can visit Imphal, Bishnupur, Thoubal, Ukhrul, Churachandpur, Senapati, Tamenglong, and Chandel, among other places in Manipur.

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Tourists can also enjoy activities such as boating on Loktak Lake in Imphal, shopping at the Tamu International Market in Moreh, and visiting the world’s only floating national park, the Keibul Lamjao National Park near Bishnupur.

The literal translation of Manipur is ‘jeweled town,’ which properly reflects the small and attractive state. The kindness and hospitality of the locals can be observed by tourists visiting Manipur. Apart from that, visitors can take in the country’s diverse cultural traditions and nationalities. Manipur’s Raasleela and traditional dance, which play a significant role in India’s cultural environment, are also available to tourists.

Khayang Peak, Shirui Kashung Peak, Kachou Phung Lake, Khangkhui Cave, Shirui Kashung, Hundung Mangva Cave, Nillai Tea Estate, Ango Ching near Ukhrul, and a plethora of other well-known tourist attractions are all well worth visiting. Apart from these, Manipur’s shopping scene is centered on jewelry, handloom, and native handicraft, which can be found at the Khwairamband Bazar, Handloom House, Tribal Emporium, Sangai Handloom, and a few more bustling local markets.

places to visit in manipur
Places to visit in Manipur

Tourists visiting Manipur in April can make the most of their trip by taking part in the celebration of Manipur’s traditional New Year, which is marked by a lot of pomp and circumstance. During the festival, locals can even be seen climbing the hills, which is said to be part of their religious beliefs.

Manipur is a flora and wildlife lover’s dream and is considered one of the best places to visit in India. Loktak, the country’s largest freshwater lake, is notable for its numerous Phumdis, or floating swamps, which appear to be a little islands on the lake. In addition, the world’s only floating animal refuge, Keibul Lamjao National Park, is located south of the lake.

Aside from that, the people of Manipur are artistic, simple, and expressive, and they worship Lord Vishnu. Furthermore, as indicated by their handloom and handcrafted crafts, the people here are imaginative and inventive. The state exemplifies a wonderful zeal for life, making a visit to Manipur a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Top sight places to visit in Manipur


imphal east district

Imphal boasts pristine natural beauty, topography, and landscapes, as well as a significant history that left remnants of the past all throughout the city.

Imphal is a superb tourist destination because of its beautiful green environment, pleasant surroundings, unexplored region, and undulating rivers. This place holds historical significance as the site of the Battle of Imphal during World War II. Imphal’s significant attractions include the INA memorial, Manipur State Museum, Kangla Fort, Langthabal, war cemeteries, Shri Govindjee temple, and the Waithou and Loktal lakes. Also worth seeing are the Manipur Zoological Gardens and Keibul Lamjao National Park.

Time required to visit the site- 1 to 2 days
Best time to visit the site- October to April



Thoubal, a well-developed city, is an excellent vacation destination for those looking for a relaxing atmosphere and a wide range of activities.

Thoubal is almost ideal for walking, hiking, and picnics due to the abundance of vegetation and verdant scenery, as well as the numerous facilities available. This city is well known for its temples and numerous water features, making it a near-perfect retreat with the right mix of metropolitan and lesser-known attractions. Popular bazaars in town, such as the Ningombam Laxmi Bazaar and the Athokpam Bazaar, add a jolt of energy and brightness to the neighborhood.

Time required to visit the site- 1 day
Best time to visit the site- October to May



This hilly area is ideal for vacationers who prefer to spend their time outside. This town’s beauty is unrivaled, thanks to its diverse flora and fauna.

Manipur’s town is known for its oranges, but it also has some of the world’s strangest plants and animals. The deep jungle here is home to hog deers, leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, tigers, and other wildlife. This superbly endowed town is great for nature lovers, with its waterfalls, unusual animals, and diverse orchards.

Time required to visit the site- 1day
Best time to visit the site- October to April



Lamka, often known as Chandel, is a small yet lovely district in Manipur’s north-eastern state. It is the state’s second-least populous of the state’s nine major districts. Because it is located on the international border separating India and Myanmar, it is known as the Gateway to Myanmar. NH-39 runs through it, and it’s around 64 kilometers from Imphal.

It is famous for being home to more than 20 indigenous tribes. Chandel is a jumble of cultures and traditions due to the great number of tribes who live here. The colors of each tribe’s cultures blow out in all directions, contributing to the area’s own personality. Chandel visitors can unwind and take in the scenery.

Time required to visit the site- 1 day
Best time to visit the site- October to May

Loktak Lake and Sendra Island

Loktak Lake and Sendra Island

The country’s largest freshwater lake, Loktak Lake, and its island, Sendra, are one of the state’s most beautiful attractions. Loktak Lake is located in the Imphal valley, about 50 kilometers from Imphal, and serves as a watershed for all of Manipur’s rivers and rivulets.

The natural beauty of Loktak Lake and Sendra Island is unparalleled in the country. The first is India’s largest freshwater lake, while the second is a floating island made of biological waste on the same lake as the area’s only tourist attraction. Within the Lake, there are several additional floating islands that support fishing towns and are also constructed of organic waste. The clear lake, the tangle of boat canals, the rich vegetation of the environs, and the beautiful scarlet sunset all combine to create an unforgettable spectacle. Loktak Lake and Sendra Island, the jewels of a dynamic ecology, deserve to be conserved and preserved. Due to human encroachment, the lake has diminished in recent years.

  • Timings to visit the site- 08:00am to 06:00pm
  • Time required to visit the site- 2 to 3 hours
  • Entry fees- Absolutely free

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Frequently Asked Question

All of the state's events are commemorated with zeal. The Chapchar Kut festival, which takes place in March, is an unforgettable event. This celebration marks the start of the planting season and is connected to harvesting. Everyone dresses up in traditional clothes to honour the occasion. Cheraw and Bamboo dance styles are also performed.

Puran is the preferred outfit of women. Puanchei attire is a combination of white and black colours worn by women during festivals. Kawrchei is a gorgeous blouse woven by hand that is worn with Paunchei when dancing. Female members of the famous Lusei tribe wear a blue cotton skirt with a jacket and a wrapped cloth. Mizoram men love to dress with simple clothing. In the winter, they wrap a long length of fabric around an additional cloth. They wear red and white as a colour scheme.

 Mizoram offers a wide range of sports that will provide you with a rush of adrenaline. Trekking via Champai, Lunglei town, and Phawangpui hill is an excellent way to experience the sites. The Blue Mountain Peak is well-known among mountaineers. Rock climbers can explore a number of more summits. Mizoram's caverns are also open to visitors. The most well-known caves for caving are Pukzing Cave and Lamsial Cave. Because of the numerous lakes and streams that run across the state, Mizoram offers excellent water sports such as angling and boating. Palak Lake, Tamdil Lake, Rengdil Lake, and many additional lakes offer water activities.

The only airport in Mizoram is Lengpui Airport, which is located near Aizawl, the state capital. The airport is connected to the rest of the country via daily flights to Guwahati, Kolkata, and Imphal. Aizawl is around 32 kilometres away. Spice Jet and Air India both fly this route. It does not serve international destinations because it is a domestic airport. Because the state only has one airport, you may have transportation challenges.

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