Kerala Vacation trips "God's own Country"

Lying in the laps of nature is “God’s own country” and just the name of the state Kerala immediately brings calm and peace into our minds. No matter whatever type of traveler you are and from whichever part of the world you may be, you will find exactly what you are looking for in this state, whether it is peace and tranquility or adventure in water and land sports.

Kerala is not only beautiful for adults, but even kids can enjoy it as they will get a chance to go boating or watch dolphins happily jumping and diving in the waters. If you are a diver or a surfer, Kerala will serve as heaven to you as you will be indulged in these activities while taking in the beautiful scenery around you and the peace that Kerala has to offer. 

If you are tired of your busy life and wish to get away from the hustling of a city, the houseboats in Alleppey would be the best escapade for you. Kerala is famous for its backwaters where a lot of Hindi movies and some Hollywood movies have been shot, and if you wish to live in the wilderness and want to get to know closely the waters, then kayaking and canoeing in Alleppey is a great option.

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Houseboat in Alleppey, Kerala vacation trips

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Spending nights in houseboats in the backwaters of Kerala is one of the major attractions in Kerala. If you are looking for a break from the city and want to get lost in the wilderness of nature, houseboats in Alleppey are the best kind of escapade. To give peace and tranquility to your restless soul, you will be taken into the lush wilderness of nature to cruising around in the pristine backwaters of Kerala and you will be spending the night near the local village in your houseboat, where you can witness the local culture of Kerala.

In the houseboat, watching the sunrise and sunsets, sunbathing on the deck, fishing, breathing the purest form of air, and gazing at the starlit night sky are some of the best things you can do to calm your soul after busy city life.

Bamboo Rafting in Thekkady, Kerala vacation trips

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Thekkady is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit in Kerala and it is well known for what it offers to those who seek adventure. In the largest Tiger Reserve, that is the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala, bamboo rafting is the best thing to do. After watching the movies and being fascinated by the activity, it is now time for you to do this adventure yourself as the backwaters of Kerala are best explored by bamboo rafting.

The bamboo rafting activity is very safe as you will be accompanied by 4 forest guides and one boat guard. The activity starts at 8 am and the last ride leaves at 5 pm, and this 3-hour adventure is one of the best things to do for photographers and also for the people who love to be nestled in the laps of nature.

Watch Dolphins at Cherai Beach, Kerala vacation trips

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Cherai Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kochi because it offers a lot of adventurous activities to do on the beach. Watching dolphins is not possible everywhere, hence, the abundance of these creatures makes it one of the best attractions in Kerala. The waters in Cherai Beach are rich in marine animals and fishes of various types, while dolphins are the most attractive ones.

In your Kerala vacation trips, the sight of watching the dolphins jumping and diving into the sea will be one of the best highlights as not only your kids, but you will also enjoy this activity from a boat deep in the sea.

Kayaking Canoeing in Alleppey, Kerala vacation trips

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While staying in houseboats in Alleppey is one of the most popular things to do in Alleppey, kayaking, and canoeing through the backwaters is also one of the best ways to feel close to the mother nature. Kerala backwaters are famous all over the world and attract a lot of people, but the canals are the best part that must be explored if you are a nature lover.

Kayaking and canoeing through these canals while taking in the beauty of lush greenery and having the ultimate peace and tranquility in the wilderness of nature is one of the best activities to do on your Kerala vacation packages. In the kayaks, you will pass through the famous houseboats and the local villages and you will witness the difference in cultures and traditions.

Water sports at Kovalam Beach, Kerala vacation trips

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Kovalam is a beach town in Kerala that is famous for its three crescent-shaped beaches, Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach, and Hawa Beach. The beaches at Kovalam are known to be very calm and peaceful and serve the best for water sports activities. For all the adventure junkies out there, Kovalam beach is a paradise as you can indulge yourself the water activities while taking in the scenic views which will take your breath away.

The water sports activities that you can try at the beaches of Kovalam are scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, etc. If you are not much of a sports enthusiast, then you can always go swimming in the calming and pleasant waters of the beaches.

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