Many people from all over India will call these places the educational institutions because we can find the major amount of the educational institutions from India in the many cities of Kalimpong of India only which is related to the West Bengal. Where other than physical institutions by including them let us hello the new places which can be included in the places to visit in Kalimpong whenever we have a trip to the West Bengal side of India.

The main reason for the migration of the people to this Kalimpong is the high rate of education there. And now let us come to our point the places to visit in Kalimpong. As this is not only famous for its educational institutions but also there are different kinds of places to visit with friends and family as a vacation trip. And in this article let us choose the top places of Kalimpong that definitely attract the hearts of the tourists towards the surroundings of the places.

As this Kalimpong is located on the west side of India we can choose places of our own based on our interest of us in the place. And now let us reach the point of the places to visit in Kalimpong by creating a list of places to visit in Kalimpong. And the list of the beautiful places are

  • Morgan House kalimpong
  • Durpin Dara Hill
  • Teesta Bazar
  • Hiking On The Mountains Of Kalimpong

Kalimpong Tourist Places

As we have completed the list of the places to visit in Kalimpong now we need to know about the places by dividing them on the basis of the things which we do there as the adventures to remember them as memories. 

Let us take the first place from our article and the place is Morgan House. The attraction thing about this place is that our eyes will be attracted completely to the green trees and the bushes of the place. And we can do many things as a gang here in the place of Morgan House. The architecture of the Morgan house is the main thing that takes the hearts of the people towards it.

Morgan House Kalimpong
Morgan House Kalimpong

And now this has become the place as the lodge for the people who want to stay there for some days in the Morgan house whoever come for the trip to the Kalimpong as a vacation trip. Maximum of the people show their complete interest towards the nature to get some peace for relaxation. If we continue there are many things to know about this beautiful place and now let us jump to the other place of the Kalimpong.

The second place on the list of places to visit in Kalimpong is Durpin Dara Hill. This can be called the coolest place in the West Bengal because snowfall will be more in the areas of Durpin Dara Hill. The snow there makes the place very cool. People who visit this place will enjoy their complete-time playing in the snow with friends and family. We can also see a Botanical Garden Hindi Durpin Dara hill.

kalimpong tourist places
Durpin Dara Hill

People can get a chance to enjoy the activities thereby participating in the new events of the place which are conducted by the team. And we can see the many various plants and bushes with flowers in the botanical garden. By visiting this place many people will feel good by seeing the beautiful spots there and enjoying the each and everything which is offered by the place.

After roaming in the botanical garden try to reach the cactus nursery and spend some of the time thereby visiting the beautiful spots and the Cactus plants in the nursery.

things to do in kalimpong
Teesta Bazar

Then next turn your gang towards the most beautiful place from the list of the places to visit in the Kalimpong. This could become the favorite place for many people because maximum them will show their interest towards the shopping so we have selected this place for you people who spend more time for the shopping and the place is Teesta Bazar. This Teesta Bazar is the combination of all the shops because you can find everything in this place whatever you want. Starting from the clothes to the things whatever we want in our life will be available in this Bazar. Try to buy things whatever you like in this Bazar.

places to visit in kalimpong
Hiking On The Mountains Of Kalimpong

And the last paragraph in our article Is about hiking in the mountains of the Kalimpong. Whenever you are ready space after completion of the bring me to watch only places of the Kalimpong try to spend some time in hiking towards the peak of the mountains. We can find much fun whenever we are hiking towards the peak of the mountain with our family and friends.

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