Digha, a beach town on the Bay of Bengal’s shores, is a popular tourist destination known for its untouched beaches and scenic views, particularly among West Bengal residents.

Digha is a one-stop shop for families looking to spend a relaxing weekend. One of the best aspects of this hamlet is the variety of tourist attractions. This popular West Bengal sea resort, widely recognized for its majestic beaches, spiritual temples, and high-tech research institutions and museums, has a lot to offer people of all ages. Digha’s landscapes can also provide you with the pleasure of seeing areas that have had a little human impact and are relatively untouched.

Best time: July- march

Digha Places To Visit

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The New Digha beach is one of the city’s most well-known. Tourists prefer it because of its ease of access, larger size, and lower crowd density.

The soft sands of New Digha beach are ideal for a weekend getaway. This is a charming vacation spot where you can relax in the lap of nature. The Digha sea begins about a mile from the beach, which is lined with casuarina trees as far as the eye can see.

This beach is well-known for its enticing sunrises and sunsets, which are beyond description. With the golden rays of the sun reflecting off the sparkling sea, this sight will undoubtedly stay with you for a long time!

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MARC, which stands for Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre, is a major tourist attraction for all Digha visitors. It has India’s largest built-in aquarium. There are three types of creatures in the aquarium: species of conservation importance, ‘local and curious’ species, and freshwater species.

These organisms include sea anemones, lobsters, sharks, rays, butterflyfishes, sea snakes, horseshoe crabs, and a slew of others.


The Udaipur beach in Digha is one of India’s most beautiful and pristine seashores. This unexplored ‘virgin sea beach’ is nestled between New Digha and Talsari. The lonely beach is dotted with towering casuarina trees and the makeshift stalls of the fishermen who sell fish here, far away from the crowded and claustrophobic city life.

The location is particularly well-known for its scenic beauty, and visitors come from all over the world to capture these picturesque views in their memories. At Udaipur Beach, you can choose from a variety of exciting activities to enjoy with friends and family. Swimming, taking a long walk along the seashore, participating in adventure sports such as Speed Boat or Banana Boat, riding bikes, or sampling local delicacies are among them.

Local shops on the beach serve mouthwatering traditional delicacies, primarily seafood such as prawns and fish curry. Coconuts are also widely available at an extremely low price here. Overall, if you want to see what a pollution-free, organic beach looks like, you should visit the beach at least for some time.

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 Amarabati Park is nestled among the coastline charm of the delightful town of Digha and is a little organic dreamland for those seeking calmness while appreciating the lush greenery of a well-kept park.

Amaravati Park has pristine lawns with a rich diversity of seasonal flowers delicately fringing the park’s mini-lake in the center. A ropeway ride through the park provides guests with a spectacular view of the New Digha region and the beautiful park below.

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The Talasari beach is pristine, serene, and blessed with a spectacular view. Talasari is one of those secret beaches, beaches free of pollutants, beaches that revitalize our sensations. This virgin beach, known as the last beach on India’s northeastern coast, has sand dunes and soothing waves amid coconut palms, coconut trees, and cashew trees.

Talasari derives its name from Tala (rhythm) and Sari (row)- the rhythm formed by a well-arrangement lush green belt and golden sands with an occasional red fleck (thanks to the red crabs ambling around) meeting the vast sea, which is almost melodious. Talasari, as a fisherman’s paradise, does not see a lot of tourists.

There is a concrete structure where fishermen catch their fish and sell them in a fish market near the beach, which also sells cooked chicken, crabs, and fish. You can simply walk across the river bed, or you can enjoy boat rides and high tides here. Talasari is not only a sea beach, but it is also a riverbank of the Subornorekha river, which flows into the Bay of Bengal.

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