The topmost civilized city in India is none other than this Meerut. It Is actually a district that is still developing more and more compared to the past days. It is a famous city which is somewhat nearer to Delhi. So this place would be familiar to the people of Delhi also so there will be many rush tourist places to visit in Meerut. The main covering attraction history of the Meerut is its Hastinapur dynasty.

There are plenty of visiting places for our tourism in Meerut we can find different kinds of places whatever we like based on our interest and like. So depending on the choices of all the people let us choose some of the places where we can have good memories with our friends and family with whomever we visit in our tour for the vacation. There are many special places to visit in Meerut like churches temples beaches famous buildings parks etc. So from all these wherever we go by selecting the places we like we need to enjoy without wasting our time by being bored are being with tension.

So in this article, we have chosen some places for you people to suggest whenever you go to my route of Uttar Pradesh which is near to the Delhi of India. So here is the list of the places that you need to mark in the list of the places to visit in Meerut.

  •  Augharnath temple
  • Hastinapur
  • Bhole Ki Jhaal
  • Mustafa castle 

Considering the first place of our article let us have some deep information about the place which we have selected for the top one is about the Augharnath temple. The people from all over India and some other countries who are the great devotees of Lord Shiva will reach this place definitely at least once in their life because this is the one of the most attraction of Lord Shiva because the ideal of Shiva here will be the attraction of the place.

This temple has also titled another name called Kali Paltan mandir. The central attraction of this place is Shivalinga which is placed in the center of the temple. This temple is not only famous for Lord Shiva but we can find the ideals of the different gods like Radha Krishna on Devi Durga beside Lord Shiva.

Try to spend more time here whenever you have a trip to places to visit in Meerut because you can find match Peace whenever you fit in this temple. So this is the reason you need to mark this as the top list whenever you are planning for a trip to the main route of Uttar Pradesh.

Best Places to visit in Meerut

And the next place we have chosen for you people in this article to visit whenever you have a plan to Meerut is the historic creation of the Hastinapur dynasty. To prove the greatness of the Mahabharata and Hastinapur dynasty we can show the greatness still from the Town of the Hastinapur.

meerut places to visit
Hastinapur places to visit in Meerut

Whenever you visit this place of Hastinapur town you will listen to the complete history of the Hastinapur and its greatness in the words of the local people. The maximum count from the old people will show their love towards the Mahabharata they like to see this place at least once in their life rowdy complete history of the Pandavas and Kauravas.

Has this is one of the historic places try to click some of the pictures of the town of the Hastinapur to make them have memories in your album on the trip of places to visit in Meerut.

And the next special place that we need to visit in Meerut is Bhole Ki Jhaal. The reason for the fulfill of electricity in Meerut city is because of this place not only this one this can be considered as one of the special places for picnics and campfires. The team of this place will also allow the tourist people and local people to have swimming in the water of the place. Many of the local people including the tourists people will choose this as the first hangout in place whenever they get time for the relaxation because the nature which is surrounded this place will be awesome and cannot be explained in the words.

best places to visit in meerut
Bhole Ki Jhaal places to visit in Meerut

And the last place from our article is an about the Mustafa castle. Hi this is one of the tourist places which belongs to the historical places to visit in Meerut there is a big history to know about this place but now let us leave for the history and let us discuss the things that we can do here in this castle.

The architecture of this castle will be awesome try to see the complete area of the castle and click some of the pictures whatever you like and make it as a background for your pictures also to make the memories. And there would be some of the mini activities which were conducted by the team of the castle have the special events.

places to visit near meerut
Mustafa castle places to visit in meerut

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