The best hill station to visit in the state of Uttarakhand is Auli hill station because this is the place that gives the amazing scenery of the area covered with snowfall all over the year. The major attraction of this Auli hill station is the area at the edges of the hill station which are completely covered with beautiful oak trees and also pine forests. 

The magical view of this Auli hill station gives wonderful memories to the people who ever visit this place. Definitely the view of the place and the breathtaking climate there will be captured by our hearts at the time of the visit and glimpse our eyes.

Nature lovers and also the people who love the cool weather will sure like this place and they can enjoy a lot here by participating in all the activities and the sports conducted by them. In this blog, we will mention the best things to do in Auli hill station which brings real fun to our life.



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Sking in Auli

The youth people will definitely be attracted to the beautiful enjoyment of the activity Ski. Whenever visit this place we suggest taking part in the activity of skiing at Auli hill station and this is the top most activity which is liked by many people till now in the tourist activities at the cool places.

Try to participate in this skiing with your friends and family to pass through the areas which are covered by the snow. Don’t miss this on the trip to Uttarakhand. The skiing path will be available through beautiful places like Mt Nanda Devi Kamet, mana Parwat, beethartoli, Dunagiri, Nilkanth, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat, and at last finally Nar Parbat.



Whenever we visit the places in the North of India we can enjoy the cool breeze of the places there with the combination of the cool and chill climate. The area of the Auli hill station is completely covered with the green lushes and the snow which gives a perfect sight to have a campfire with friends and family by having mini discussions and small games and activities playing together and eating the tastiest stuff. There are some perfect places to have a nightly campfire and a few of them are Kamet, Mana Parvat, and also Dunagiri.



Trekking is a famous activity which brings us the best memories while climbing all the mountain peaks in the nearest place to us. Kwani Bugyal is the best place to visit to enjoy trekking near the Auli hill station. This Kwani Bugyal also offers a wonderful view to the eyes of the holidaymakers. The best place to have a camp is in the cool weather. Try to trek to the peak points of the mountains of Kwani Bugyal to see the beautiful spots like Nanda Devi and Dunagiri which are nearer to this place.

Man Made Auli Lake

Artifical Lake Auli
Artifical Lake Auli

The artificial lake was constructed by the team to attract many people to the attractive view of the beautiful river. The water from this river fed the snow gun station and is recorded as the man’s best creation in the Uttarakhand state till now. The people who visit this place will spend some sometimes enjoying the cool breeze of the river and the peace from that calm area covered with green bushes and trees.

Visiting the Nanda Devi National Park

Nanda Devi National Park
Nanda Devi National Park

This national park is located in the second highest peak of India. The outstanding view of the national park will give you a beautiful spot to take pictures together with whomever you go. This is the place which is blessed with fantastic views of all the mountains and also the cool weather of the place.

This national park is a combination of different kinds of flora and fauna. From this national park, you can enjoy the view of the Badrinath temple also. the best time to visit this place is between the months of April to June. In the other months of the year, there will be heavy snowfall so there will not be any chance to visit this place.

Ropeway Ride

Auli Ropeway

Ropeway ride is also the best adventure to experience near the Auli hill station. This is the second largest cable ride in complete Asia after Gulmarg. The wonderful views of the spots between the ride from Auli to Joshimath can be captured in our views once we start the journey on the rope cable.

Nanda Devi national park view can also be captured in between the beauty of the flora and fauna. So try to visit the Auli hill station to participate in all the adventures to take part to gather all the memories with friends and family.

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