As it is one of the upcoming and developing new place from Andhra Pradesh which was got divided recently from Telangana. Lets us make our trip as one of the best part in our life. The amazing place from Andhra Pradesh is Amravati and lets us go and enjoy at the exact places where we can collect the cutest stuff of the memories.

When ever we select a place to have a trip we will think about the each and everything like food shelter and clothes related to the place. To have a glimpse about all these things and chill in the trip to the Amravati read the blog.

Enjoy the place where you go and make a big bunch of the sweetest memories. The unknown thing for many people about this place is that this is situated exactly on the banks of the river college Krishna.

Places to visit in Amravati

  • Dhyana Buddha statue
  • Amravati Mahachaitya
  • Amravati museum
  • Amravati temple

Dhyana Buddha statue

amravati maharashtra

Dhyana Buddha statue is one of the biggest statue among the places located in Andhra Pradesh which resembles the peace have and recorded as the tallest in India. The exact height of the Buddha statue is nearly 125 feet which was started in 2003 and the complete construction was completed in 2015 there will be a big rush of the visitors near this statue to the watch the scenery of it.

There was a big amount of hard work behind the construction of this Buddha statue by many people and hard work completed successfully. The sightseeing near this place will be awesome because the complete surroundings of the place are covered with beautiful buildings and luxury houses.

Amravati mahachaitya

amravati mandal

Amravati mahachaitya is also called as Amravati stupa. It is one of the great heritage thing of Amravati after the statue of Buddha. It is also similar to the Buddha statue and which is very much very much near to that place. But now the management of this place is not allowing many people to visit this because it is under the survey of India.

The things in this museum other than the Super are very much old related to the 3rd century of BCE run 256. Coming to the point of the architecture of this Amaravati stupa it is one of the largest attracting when in Andhra Pradesh. We cannot understand about this place in words whenever we visit this place we will know each and everything about it so try to visit this place when you have a trip to Andhra Pradesh.

Amaravati museum

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Little things bring more happiness to us when compared to the large things so in the same way this is the one of the smallest place in Amravati but whenever we visit this place we need to know a lot of things from it among all the places. Such an interesting place we cannot find there because it is the one of the famous museum which is related to the past centuries and make us to know about complete history of the Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from this there are many things to know about this like goddess Tara and bodhisattva. Not only from India the visitors from each and every corner of the world will visit this place to know about this history. We can visit this place at any time not comparing to the seasons so try to visit this place by having a guide with you and this museum will be open in the complete week from the timings of 10 to 5:00 PM.

Amravati temple

Amravati temple which is also called as amareshwara temple located on the banks of the river Krishna. It is a holy place related to the Lord Shiva who is also known as the destroyer of the universe. Definitely without any chance of missing this you with this amareshwar  temple because it is one of the holy place by containing the Many unknown things within it.


The culture they follow here will be different and dazzling when comparing to all the places of Amravati because in the times of Maha shivaratri which is the main festival of them the people will enjoy a lot there. And we wish you to join with them to enjoy the mahashivratri festival by following their cultures.

So here we have gathered some of the information about the few places from Amravati. Mark this places in the time of mahashivratri because you can have very much fun in the time of festival because there will be a lot of people from all the places and the stalls of each and everything related to the shopping will be present there. At last don’t miss the view of the biggest Krishna river there. Have an awesome trip to Amravati by reaching these four places with friends and family.

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